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- Mimi
YSDN 2014


T-minus one more week until grad show. I seriously don’t know how to feel. Here’s one of my favourite moments from the grad portrait photoshoot we had a while back in February. After grad show… YSDN will once and for all be over… (for most of us) but life goes on!! I’ve been quite emotional lately from the impact and disbelief of school finally being over. I will not be doing a Masters right after, as I initially intended to do so in first year. I should link back to an old post I wrote four years ago. But for now, this GIF will do. FInal stretch, I wish all of my friends who are graduating this year the very best. See your fine faces at Facets!!

Less than 24 hours.. Tick Tock..
“Appreciation is the cure for desire. – Frank Chimero”


Audatype by Marco 

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This needs to be my future door. I don’t care how impractical, weird, or unsafe it is.

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I have wise/funny friends.

"Keep shaking that bubble butt to the good friends." - A.C.

"It should be our goal to make the most of these last few months so we can say we gave it our all when it’s all said and done." - E.E.

Such contrasting lines but both mean so much more to me than ever right now. Just two more months to go!! 

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